The Red Coat Ladies Top 3 Ways to Repurpose, Reuse or Recycle your Centerpieces

The Red Coat Ladies Top 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding and Event Centerpieces

Congratulations! Your wedding/event is fast approaching, and it's time to start thinking about those fabulous centerpieces. There is no reason to let the beauty of those blooms end with your celebration. Check out The Red Coat Ladies TOP 3 ways to recycle, reuse or repurpose those amazing blooms!  

Party Favors:

After your celebration, plan on having your flowers wrapped in bouquets for your guests to take home after your event. This is a great way to ensure these beauties don’t go to waste and guests just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Experienced wedding managers like The Red Coat Ladies can wrap flowers for your guests and pass them out at exit. (Ribbons and paper included.) 

Use for your Brunch the next day:

If you are having brunch the next day, think about recycling these beauties. Select how many you need and designate someone to ensure they are either delivered to your brunch venue or taken with someone that will make sure they get to the brunch. Experienced wedding managers like The Red Coat Ladies can assist in the logistics of getting your flowers to brunch. At the end of brunch your guests can take these home too! 

Donate with Love:

Spread joy beyond your wedding day by donating your centerpieces to local nursing homes, hospitals, or community centers. Contact these organizations in advance to arrange a donation. The beauty of your wedding flowers can bring happiness to others who may be in need of a little pick-me-up. It's a heartwarming way to share your love and make a positive impact in the community. Experienced wedding managers like The Red Coat Ladies can talk you through details like these to ensure every detail is taken care of. 

Pro Tip: Think ahead and find out what type of vessels the florist is putting your centerpieces in. Are they something that can be given away or will you get charged if your guests take these? Are the arrangements enormous? Experienced Wedding Managers like the Red Coat Ladies can help you plan the best way to repurpose, reuse or recycle your flowers. The Red Coat Ladies can wrap flowers for your guests and hand them out at exit (ribbon and paper included).

Wishing you a wedding day filled with love, laughter, and blossoming memories!

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