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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our event management services in Detroit and beyond.
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Are the Red Coat Ladies party planners?

Would you prefer handholding from beginning to end?  If so, an Event Planner is what you need.  Are you capable of navigating, hiring, and managing your team of vendors – but want to be a guest at your own event, day of?   If so, then hiring a party manager (day of coordinator) to pass off all your hard work to, would be the right choice!   We are the best party managers in Michigan.  We work with parents and couples who are very capable of choosing their own vendors and menus, our role is to execute your vision and make sure that all your plans run smoothly on the big day.

When do the Red Coat Ladies get involved?  Do you just show up on Saturday?

Doing a great job for your BIG DAY involves a lot of preparation! Long before your celebration, we go through our monster checklists to make sure you have everything covered.  Then the week of the party, we come to your house and pick up all of your party treasures.  On the big day, we manage your vendors, timeline and guests to ensure that everything goes exactly as you’ve planned it. Then we schlep everything back to your house after the celebration ends.

What are some typical problems that you encounter at a wedding/party?

  • When the vendor failed to deliver the bride’s seating chart, the Red Coat Ladies came to the rescue by greeting each guest with a smile and table assignment
  • Long before the bride realized that the aisle wasn’t wide enough for her to walk down with both of her parents, the Red Coats pre-emptively saved the day by adjusting each and every chair.
  • Prior to the guests entering the reception, the Red Coats noticed that the seating chart indicated 24 people seated at table 15 when all of the other tables had eight people.  Adjusting that chart helped the reception go smoothly and take some stress off the bride’s big day
  • When the best man spilled red wine on his white shirt 10 minutes before his speech, the Red Coat Lady reached into her gig bag and had a solution at hand.
  • The mitzvah mom’s timeline did not match up with the DJ’s timeline did not match up with the caterer’s timeline, so the Red Coats communicated with all the different vendors to get everybody on the same page.

The team of Red Coats in the picture look fantastic, are they all as amazing as Pat Blackwell?

I actively recruit people who thrive in what many consider to be stressful situations.  Each and every Red Coat Lady is proactive, enthusiastic, well-trained and committed to doing absolutely everything possible to make your BIG DAY stress-free.

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