The Red Coat Ladies

For over 30 years The Red Coat Ladies have been assisting families pull off some of Metro Detroit’s most epic parties!  
Over 1200 weddings and over 3400 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs under our Red Coats.

"I absolutely LOVE helping make my clients' very best days even better!" - Pat Blackwell

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Born on the Farm

Hello There!  I’m Pat Blackwell, creator of The Red Coat Ladies. I was born in Minnesota on a farm with my 10 siblings and my state fair champion pigs. As a young farm girl I never, ever imagined I would end up being part of the incredible parties that take place in Detroit.

Living in Detroit

With my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, I moved all over the country before settling in Detroit, where my three sons, the fun guy, the charmer and the mountain biker were born and raised. It was also here in Detroit, that The Red Coat Ladies would soon be born.

Oy Vey!

Mazel Tov! In 1987, I became the new Building Manager at Temple Israel. For years and years, I watched parents and brides work insanely hard planning their special celebration. When the big day arrived, I watched them continue to work hard making sure the party went well. (Insert SAD FACE here)! These people needed an extra “wife” for the day, someone to take care of them, take care of all the behind the scene details so they could truly enjoy the party they had planned.

Just Me

The past 4 years I have spent a month living like a local in some other place:  Southern Utah hiking Zion National Park; Costa Rica exploring the jungles; Northern Minnesota helping build a log cabin; and Portugal biking from winery to foodie tour.  What fun!!!  Destination wedding anyone? ‍ Let’s Chat! My happy place includes my three sisters, my iPad and margaritas; order depends on the day.


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Meet Our Team

" We don't get any do-overs for the BIG DAY and I certainly don't take that for granted. I love that our clients and our fellow vendors feel good knowing we are there to ensure everyone and everything is taken care of. Everyone deserves to enjoy these moments that go by so fast!"


"The satisfaction I get from making someone's day incredible is indescribable. I look forward to making your day too!"


"I just LOVE that our clients can truly enjoy their celebration because we are there to help."


"My favorite part of being a Red Coat is the personal connection with the families and the dedicated work we do to ensure quality events & a lifetime of memories!"





"I love having the opportunity help couples and families have a night that they will remember for a lifetime."


"Wow! It is an honor to have a hand in ensuring someone's special day is truly special after all the hard work planning and preparing! It is awesome that the Red Coats help people get the absolute most out of their day. Can't wait to see you at the next party!"


"It is awesome to help people enjoy the amazing parties they work so hard to plan. We get to meet and help so many people and that is exciting for me!"






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