No need to lose your cool over wedding day oversights

Here’s Pat, helping the bridesmaids by steaming their dresses the morning of the wedding.  This happens often when bridesmaids fly in from all over the country to celebrate.

Wedding day “wrinkles” will happen! Will you let them get under your skin?

There are hundreds of details to be attended to for your wedding. So it’s likely that something will be forgotten or overlooked unless you have a Red Coat Lady involved with your wedding, that is. The Red Coat Ladies have successfully coordinated the details for over 1200 weddings in Metro Detroit and beyond so they are well-prepared to address any situation you may encounter.

Don’t get steamed up — Let your Red Coat Lady do it for you.

"She expects the unexpected and is ready to handle it. That way, all your wedding day surprises can be HAPPY ones!"

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