Love at First Sight: Top 4 Reasons to Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day

There's a common misconception that doing a first look before the ceremony takes away from the special moment of walking down the aisle. But fear not, because we're here to debunk that myth! In this short blog article, we'll share 5 reasons why a first look can actually enhance, rather than ruin, the magic of your aisle moment. Get ready to embrace the best of both worlds and create memories that will last a lifetime!

A Moment Just for the Two of You:

The first look allows you and your partner to share an intimate moment before the whirlwind of the wedding day commences. Amidst the joy and chaos, this private encounter allows you to connect on a deeper level, savor each other's presence, and relish the love you share. It's a cherished moment that becomes a beautiful memory etched in your hearts.

Extend Your Time Together:

By capturing photos before the ceremony, you'll have additional moments to bond, laugh, and bask in each other's love. This extra time not only strengthens your connection but also allows you to relax and enjoy the rest of the festivities without feeling rushed.

Enjoy Cocktail Hour:

Opting for a first look provides more time to spend together on your wedding day. You can take more photos together and also get the wedding party and family pics done too allowing you to participate in your cocktail hour. By embracing both the first look and aisle moment, you'll have a well-balanced day filled with meaningful connections and cherished memories.

Soothe Nerves and Reduce Stress:

Weddings can be nerve-wracking, and anticipation can create anxious moments. A first look helps alleviate stress and nervousness by providing a calming and supportive environment. Seeing your partner before the ceremony can offer reassurance and a sense of grounding, allowing you to fully enjoy and embrace the journey ahead.


While the decision to have a first look on your wedding day is a personal one, the benefits are undeniable. From sharing an intimate moment together to capturing emotional and authentic photos, a first look adds depth and joy to your wedding experience. It's a chance to connect on a profound level, create lasting memories, and soothe pre-ceremony nerves. So, take a leap of faith and consider a first look—embrace the beauty of falling in love all over again at first sight.

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