Checklist: What to bring to your child’s mitzvah

After years of planning and preparing, your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah weekend has finally arrived!!! You have a big weekend ahead of you, but with a little organization, your weekend will go off without a hitch. After managing over 3400 Bar/Bat Mitzvahs in Metro Detroit, Pat Blackwell of the Red Coat Ladies provides the following list to ensure a stress free celebration.  Enjoy the party you planned!

For the Service – Bring in a small duffel bag.

  • Talit and Talit bag
  • Dvar Torah
  • Binder
  • Torah pointer/Yad
  • Kippot — including clips and a basket
  • Candy for throwing — with a basket
  • Invitation for photographer
  • Sibling gifts
  • If a Havdalah service — Havdalah set, glow sticks and basket, spice bags and basket
  • Programs
  • Tutor gift

For the party — Bring in a rolling suitcase.

  • Checks for all contractors — pre-written in envelopes ready to go
  • Cash for tips for any vendors you wish to tip. These should be in envelopes ready to go.
  • A complete file of vendor contracts for the evening.
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes — If you had a great party, you are sure to have tired feet!
  • Emergency kit for your family —
  • breath mints
  • hair spray
  • make-up
  • deodorant
  • socks
  • extra shirt for men or boys
  • contact solution
  • extra pair of contacts
  • sewing kit
  • medications
  • toys for young siblings
  • Mobile phone — plus charger (including the cord)
  • A camera — plus batteries or charger
  • Candle lighting speech — 2 sets of cards
  • Each candle should be on a separate card, in large font, with a ring through the hole punched in the corner.
  • Bring one set for your child. Give a second set (with the songs clearly listed) to the DJ.
  • Parents and sibling speeches
  • CD with any special music for the candle lighting
  • Video montage/entrance video —  plus an extra copy
  • A cooler for leftover ice cream — plus plastic Ziploc bags
  • Place cards
  • Challah
  • Kippot for the Hamotzi
  • Favors and prizes
  • Candy for the tables
  • Beverage napkins
  • Towels for the bathroom
  • Bathroom baskets
  • Seating chart and room diagram
  • Duffel bag for gifts
  • Change of clothes — if you are doing a wardrobe change

Some venues will allow you to bring many of these things ahead of time. Check with the venue and make sure that they are in a secure place. If you have a party planner, give him or her all of your treasures ahead of time so you don’t have worry on the day of your event. If you hire Pat and her team of Red Coat Ladies, they pick everything up for you before the party and drop it back off after. Truly, some of the best money you can spend!

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