7 Mistakes Parents Make That Add Stress to Their Celebrations

1. Failing to create a detailed timeline for the family & vendors. Your caterer is focused on  the food being hot and served at it’s best. Your DJ is focused on keeping the dance floor  rocking. Do you need the photo booth at the beginning or the end, or all night? How about  the magician? Having a master timeline for the night that everyone agrees upon is essential to  a successful event. 


2. Forgetting to bring critical items for services, candle lighting and the rest of your  celebration. You have carefully crafted a meaningful candle lighting speech, but now you  can’t find it. Arghhhh! And now you realize that you forgot that special candle Aunt Sarah  gave you for the ceremony, too. You know you bought some markers for that sign in board,  but where did they go? Having a comprehensive list of items you will need at the party is  incredibly helpful.  

3. Not having an accurate master seating chart with table assignments and special dietary  requirements. Cousin Jacob just arrived WITH A DATE, but had RSVP’d as just one.  Can the caterer squeeze in one more chair at his table? The kitchen has carefully prepared  that gluten free vegan entre, but who is it for and where is she sitting? This should all be  communicated to your caterer in advance. 

4. Neglecting to prepare tips and payments for your vendors in advance of the party. Sitting  down to write checks at the end of the party just changes the tone of the night. Your vendors  are all working hard to make your day memorable., and you should tip them accordingly. Plan  in advance who you will tip, and how much, and put it into envelopes labeled for each vendor.  This will remind you of who you should tip, even if you’ve had a few drinks and now want to be  overly generous.  


5. Not preparing a day of celebration emergency kit. Murphy’s law applies to parties too.  Your emergency kit should include a sewing kit with small scissors, band aids, aspirin or pain  relievers, body tape, safety pins, chalk to cover stains, breath mints, hair spray, lipstick,  makeup, deodorant, anti-static spray, lint brush, contact solution, medications, wet wipes, and  a comfortable pair of shoes. You should also have emergency contact numbers for all of your  vendors.  

6. Not having a written plan or shot list for the photographer. Are you planning to have  family come before the party for group photos? Prepare a detailed, well thought out list of  just who you want in each photo. Now is the time to plan meaningful photos of all the cousins,  or four generations, or your sorority sisters. List their names, and designate some family  member to be the photo sergeant, rounding them up as needed. 


7. Designating a family member or close friend as your Go-To person, and expecting them to  handle the inevitable crisis, when they would rather be celebrating with you! All event planners  know that about 10% of things will go wrong at any event. The really organized and  experience parents and planners get that down to 5%. So, be prepared, something will go  wrong. The real question is who will handle the crisis? Day of the Party Coordinators are  there to manage the details behind the scenes and ensure that your family and friends fully  enjoy the celebration. They come trained and equipped to handle everything from a broken  zipper to sore feet to a missing hora chair. Long after the dancing stops and your guests have  gone, the Day of the Party Coordinator is packing up your treasures and making sure they  get home safely.

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