3 Karat Wedding

Clients choose this package when they have a wedding party of 6 or less attendants on each side and there are 2 locations for getting ready, getting married and getting your groove on! 

Recommended for :

  • 2 Locations
  • Medium Wedding Party (12 or less)

How many bridesmaids will you have?

Maybe you have a big family or lots of friends. Bigger wedding parties mean more bridesmaid dresses, more logistics, more planning and more wedding management. The Red Coat Ladies have steamed more than 4,500 dresses on the BIG DAY. 

How do you envision spending your wedding day?

Take a moment to imagine how you want to spend your day! What does it look like? How does it feel? The best wedding managers care about, understand and respect your vision in order to execute your event seamlessly.

Having your close family and friends help with planning, advice and more before the big day is awesome! But on the day of, NOPE, not today! No more checklists, tasks or handling issues! Hiring someone you know, like and trust to execute one of the most important days of your life is priceless. Knowing that if anyone has a question or issue on your Big Day, no worries! How do you want to spend your day? How do you want your close family and friends to spend your big day? Enjoy the party you planned by allowing THE BEST WEDDING MANAGERS IN METRO DETROIT execute your vision.

Booking through 2025 … it’s never too early (or late) to ensure a stress-free wedding!

Ranging from 2950.00 - 3950.00

Our Planning Process


with a call to find out what is most important to you!


Help piece it together! Provide vendor recommendations and advice


with our detailed checklists


by picking up all your personal treasures and delivering them to your party


with a master timeline of your event from start to finish!


run your rehearsal & manage your entire day!


by managing your entire day!


wrap up your party and deliver all your personal treasures back to your home or suite.


Need More Assurance?

Reserve Pat Blackwell

when you absolutely have to have the best

Reserve your favorite Red Coat

Additional Meetings

Feeling anxious? We are here to help! (3 meetings are included)

Wrap Flowers for your guests

Deliver Flowers to your brunch venue

Hourly Set Up 

Pick up Challah Bread

Pick up and Deliver Hotel Bags (up to 3 hotels)

Experience Counts


Party Favors Set Out


Vendor Referrals


Bar / Bat Mitzvahs


Chance to get it right


Dresses Steamed


Vendor Referrals


Wedding Dresses Bustled


Chance to get it right

Pat's Words of Wisdom

The biggest mistake families make when planning their party is designating a close friend or family member as their GO-TO person, expecting them to handle the inevitable crisis, when they would rather be celebrating with you.  

We hope you dance! 

Pat Blackwell 

Every wedding is unique. Red Coat Lady stress-free wedding management starts with a phone call to understand what is important to you and ensure you are provided the service that best fits your needs

You are the dreamer of your big day and we are here to execute your vision by helping you piece it all together. After our initial call, you can count on us to provide vendor referrals and advice. With over 30 years of experience managing over 1200 weddings in Metro Detroit, we’ve got you covered, no worries!

Whether you are laid back, a self-described control freak or somewhere in between, our extensive checklists allow you to check all the boxes and put you at ease as you get closer to your BIG DAY! No worries if you can’t answer all the questions or just don’t know yet (you shouldn’t). You don’t know what you don’t know, but we do, so you can take a breath knowing you have the best wedding management team behind you.   

Going through our extensive checklists provides the details needed to start creating your master timeline. You will have access to comment, share and provide edits on your custom timeline anytime you want. Your timeline also includes key contact information, vendor information, list of personal items and more! Everything in one place! You will find out in this process that your photographer has one timeline and your DJ has another and so on! No worries, the week of your wedding your custom timeline will be sent to your vendors.  Everyone on the same page, now that’s a relief! 

It gets even better! The week of the BIG DAY, your personal treasures will be picked up from your home and delivered to your venue. Things like custom cocktail napkins, ceremony items and more. You can take a sigh of relief knowing that your treasures are in good hands and taken care of properly.

Now it’s time to really start executing YOUR vision with a rehearsal the week of your wedding. Not only will we work with you to create a custom ceremony plan and diagram, your rehearsal will be run by your Lead Red Coat Lady. If you are at a venue or your place of worship, we will collaborate with any wedding coordinators for a seamless experience for you and your wedding party. What if someone can’t make your rehearsal or we can’t rehearse in the space that we are having the ceremony? No worries, things like this happen often and we will plan for it by adding a rehearsal to your timeline on the day of so everyone is comfortable and ready to go! 

On your BIG DAY, you are responsible for enjoying the party you planned! Your Red Coat Lady team arrives to manage your day! Before you walk down that aisle, you should be care free and sipping a mimosa knowing details like managing the timeline, assisting with wardrobes (need a steam?), managing vendors and assisting photo and video with getting all your requested details and photos complete. If there is an issue, not your problem!  Enjoy your moment! You deserve it! 

Now let’s get married! Getting you there on time and ready to say ‘I do’ is what we do! No worries for you as we assist in any final needs (got a little dirt on your dress, no worries), getting everyone lined up (ladies, hold those bouquets nice and low, guys button that top button and get those phones out of your pockets), ensuring ceremony details, reserved seating, setup, music is all set and ready to go. Hey, if it is important to you, it is important to us and we will get it done! If anyone has a question, ask the Red Coat Ladies! Remember, you are off duty!

After your ceremony, whether you are taking pics or joining your cocktail hour, your Red Coat Lady team is on it!  You stay in your moment, while we ensure the next part of your amazing day is ready to go! Before your reception doors open, your Red Coat team is ensuring all your details are displayed, vendors are in place and the room is properly set. Do you want to see your reception space before everyone else enters in the room? If so, we have already added that to your timeline and will ensure the room is set and your photographer is in place ready to capture the moment! 

Now, take it all in! Are you ready to party? Get your groove on, get your drink on, enjoy! Your Red Coat Team will let you know what is coming up next! If you need something (ready to change into those comfy shoes?) just look up, your Red Coat Lady will be right there to help out! Your family, friends and vendors will be prepared as your Red Coat handles executing the BIG PICTURE as the best night ever continues with speeches, dinner, dancing and MORE. Getting the right people at the right place at the right time as the night ebbs and flows is what we do. Hey, there’s always something that comes up. The only thing you need to know is that your Red Coat Lady team has it covered! 

Ready for a stress free finish? While you are saying farewell to guests or just sitting with your feet up, your personal treasures will be packed up and delivered back to your home or hotel suite. Your Red Coat Lady is there until the very end.BEST DAY EVER!

Photo Credits: 

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